Risked Revenue Energy Associates (R^2) is a full-service risk management consulting firm that works with clients to build hedge programs that protect value and accelerate growth by transforming corporate price risk into a strategic advantage. Since 2008, our clients have received more than $9B in receipts on hedges. We cover all services from analytics to hedge execution to trade capture, valuation and reporting. R^2 expertly manages any and all hedge program needs so our clients can focus on their core business.


Risk Advisory - P2 and P98 risk metrics around a company's assets and hedges. Get our patented analytics.


Hedging - Assistance with price quotes, new hedges, asset purchases, Dodd-Frank requirements, and sales. 


Reporting Hedge program - Integration of third party reporting quarterly reports. We are SSAE 16 certified, and our reports qualify as an independent third party valuation for auditors.


Research & Analysis - Price and hedge analysis based on our library of forward curves and historical data for commodity curves.

Case Studies

Hedge Strategy Effectiveness  — Testing the effectiveness of the hedge strategy.

Feasibility study for a new hedge program  — Determine the feasibility and design the implementation strategy of a metals hedge program.

Creating and Protecting Value for an Oil Producer — To lock in revenues and use the budget certainty to continue to develop more assets and grow.

Database integrity, functionality and reporting — Pro-forma mark-to-market reports were created using a client defined scenario for the prior eight quarters.

Cost/Benefit analysis of a transactionQuantifying the cost/benefit of an oil basis transaction for marketing crude.


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