Risked Revenue Energy Associates (R^2) is a full-service risk management consulting firm that works with clients to build hedge programs that protect value and accelerate growth by transforming corporate price risk into a strategic advantage. While Past Performance is no indication of future results, since 2008 our clients have received more than $12B in receipts on hedges. We cover all services from analytics to hedge execution to trade capture, valuation and reporting. R^2 expertly manages any and all hedge program needs so our clients can focus on their core business. The full Disclaimer can be found in the "Hedge Performance" section of this website.


Risk Advisory - P2 and P98 risk metrics around a company's assets and hedges. Get our patented analytics.


Hedging - Assistance with price quotes, new hedges, asset purchases, Dodd-Frank requirements, and sales. 


Reporting Hedge program - Integration of third party reporting quarterly reports. We are SSAE 16 certified, and our reports qualify as an independent third party valuation for auditors.


Research & Analysis - Price and hedge analysis based on our library of forward curves and historical data for commodity curves.

Case Studies

Hedge Strategy Effectiveness  — Testing the effectiveness of the hedge strategy.

Feasibility study for a new hedge program  — Determine the feasibility and design the implementation strategy of a metals hedge program.

Creating and Protecting Value for an Oil Producer — To lock in revenues and use the budget certainty to continue to develop more assets and grow.

Database integrity, functionality and reporting — Pro-forma mark-to-market reports were created using a client defined scenario for the prior eight quarters.

Cost/Benefit analysis of a transactionQuantifying the cost/benefit of an oil basis transaction for marketing crude.


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