R^2 has been helping companies build hedge portfolios for over a decade. Our simple philosophy is that hedges should be designed to protect cash flows. We provide our clients with the tools and analysis necessary to make good hedging decisions. R^2 aligns its interests with those of the client by working on retainer or for a predetermined fee. This partnership avoids the possibility of excessive, ineffective and unnecessarily complex hedges.


Success is best measured in bottom line performance. Since 2008, R^2 clients have earned $9.38 Billion on their hedge portfolios. This is the direct result of our ability to provide clients with an accurate assessment of their commodity risk(s), expressed in budgetary terms. Our patented analytical process, the Performance Risk Management System, Patent #7822670, October 26, 2010, is used to generate what we call a “Performance Risk Profile” for each client every reporting period. With this accurate assessment in hand, management can proactively manage price risk, which leads to budgetary certainty.

R^2 client hedges have generated $9.38 Billion in settled payouts since 2008, the year when oil peaked at $134 and natural gas at $13. The mark-to-market for forward looking hedges is $0.40 Billion as of June 30, 2019.


Performance results are provided for informational purposes only. Any information relating to the past performance of R^2 clientele should not be construed as an indication of future results. The hedges placed by clients may or may not have been recommended by R^2. The data presented has been prepared using information believed to be reliable and accurate, but R^2 makes no warranty as to its accuracy or completeness.