R^2's independent, unbiased and statistically driven analytics deliver confidence in meeting reporting requirements of regulatory agencies. R^2 quantifies your commodity price risk, provides insight into how this risk might impact budgetary performance and provides strategies to manage these risks. When its time to hedge, R^2 can assist in the implementation of the strategy, documenting the decision process and tracking the hedges through settlement.


Companies that hedge should have accurate data and analytics at their finger tips when making hedge decisions. The proprietary methodology used in R^2 analysis is unbiased and incorporates key elements of market, option pricing and money management theories. It delivers a statistically rigorous and disciplined framework used by our clients to support their hedge decisions. It is our experience that a process which optimizes the cost/benefit of individual hedges elevates the likelihood that the desired objectives will be achieved.


Many clients subscribe to R^2 services under a retainer agreement. This "fee for services" model allows R^2 to eliminate potential conflicts of interest. This engagement model gives clients the confidence that R^2 is focused on providing the highest level of independent and objective consulting services possible.