R^2 creates and protects value for clients



R^2 is a leading provider of independent, objective and insightful market analysis. Our team of experts provides thorough and quantified analysis that is used by clients to term up purchase/sales agreements, purchase assets and deploy capital. Once investments have been made, R^2 monitors asset performance and risk to ascertain whether the hedge portfolio remains effective or if modifications are appropriate.


  • Market Data – R^2 subscribes to the same data used by industry professionals, traders, and analysts. We organize it into customized reports that draw on our industry knowledge and data resources
  • Historical Data - R^2 controls an extensive database of historical settlements and historical forward curves. Our team pulls data which is relevant to the question at hand, performs the required analysis and provides clients with reports in a format appropriate for internal distribution and documentation.
  • Relative value analysis between commodities – When considering hedge alternatives, R^2’s Relative Value Report takes into consideration the value of similar assets. This is one of the many ways R^2 helps clients keep the big picture in mind.
  • Price trends, market fundamentals, benchmarking studies - R^2 Logical Hedge Report provides a concise and quantitative assessment of price and price trends. The weekly TLC (Trend, Location, Control) update keeps clients abreast of factors affecting market trends, the relative attractiveness of price and whether buyers or sellers are in control of the market.
  • Decision support – Our team of experts helps guide clients in choosing the appropriate hedge instrument, targeting an acceptable price and timing for its execution.